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Why to protect your Facebook being Hacked


Facebook is a social communicative medium. With this media, most of our social communication is performed today and for this, we have to have an account in it. We can share our feelings, thoughts, anger, sorrow, fear and plan through it. So, nowadays Facebook has become a very important media to us. To protect a Facebook account being hacked it needs special security. If there is no heavy security in it, it can be hacked easily by the culprit hackers. In recent time the world has seen, even are seeing number of hacking in the Facebook arena. Today I’m present here to show some tips how you can protect your facebook ID from being ‘Hacked’.

Enable Secure Browsing

Secure Browsing means to browse Facebook with a secured Internet connection. You can make your Facebook account 90% secured from the attack of the hackers using a secured internet connection.

Login Approvals

Switch on the ‘Login Approvals’ for your ID. This will help your account from being logged in spite of knowing your password. Immediately you have to be informed by a ‘Confirmation Code’ if someone try to log in your account illegally and he can’t access until you submit the ‘Code’. You can change your password within this time. So, this is very secured to prevent your account being hacked.

Active ‘Text Message Notification’

Facebook authority renders the service of free text messaging for all of its users. When it happens that someone even you log in your account, a text message will be available in your mobile. This will confirm to you who have logged in your account. Then it’s a chance for you to instantly change your password from your account being hacked.

Use a ‘Strong Password’ for your account

This is the best way to make a strong password for your Facebook account from the illegal logging in or being hacked by the hackers. If you want to make strong password, you have to follow the system: use at least 3 Capital Letters, 3 Small Letters, 3 Numeric for your password. This kind of password will make your Facebook ID safe and secured.

Be alert in using ‘3rd party Application’

A great number of 3rd party apps are available in Facebook for making this medium more interesting and comfortable. But nowadays, these apps are being used by the hackers performing their hacking activities. We use these apps for a time being and forget to remove or disable after the usage. This is one of the reasons being hacked our accounts. So, go to your apps setting page and delete or remove the apps what you have used earlier.

It’s good if you set your ‘Security Code’ but better if you don’t

You have to be very alert before setting ‘Security Question’ for your account. In most of the cases, a simple and easy security question is set for our account. Remember, this is a great threat to your account. So, make your account using a critical security answer in lieu of an easy one. From my own experience, I must say many of the accounts can be hacked for placing the simple answers like ‘where the ID owner born’ or ‘What his or her grandfather or grandmother’s occupation was’ etc. So, think a little bit at the time of creating your account and use a critical security answer so that the hackers can’t imagine what would be that. And if you don’t set any security answer there would be no scope for the hackers to hack your account.

Be alert in using ‘Trusted Friends Password Recovery’

Recently ‘Facebook Trusted Friend’ has been added in Facebook which is good but this is a way which also can be used to hack your account. If you have no trusted friends in your account, the hacker will be your friends by sending you three ‘Fake ID’. Then he can send easily your ‘Code’ to his fake profile and can hack your account. So, immediately select the trusted friends and be safe from being ‘Hacked’.

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